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Brian Lopes wins the UCI Four-Cross World Championship

Peaty doesn't win, but just getting to the WC after his injury is an act of heroism from his side.

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About Culture

Some people I know think that a man with erudition should be able to recall citations from popular TV series. Some other people think that works by Homerus (an ancient Greek name) should be in the intellectual quiver of the above mentioned hypothetical person. I guess the first group will claim that besides obvious technological limitations the former is not unlike the latter, while their opponents will argue that the first group just doesn't understand it. Maybe both are right.

Nevertheless, in my desire not to miss the whimsical bandwagon, here is the riddle. It is originating in the world of music, which, by mere virtue of being more abstract than TV series, can be argued to belong to some kind of a cultural heritage. Or whatever.

Here it is: in album "A Matter of Life and Death", in song "Brighter than a Thousand Suns" (ping! where's a line:

"Whatever would Robert have said to his gods..."

Please give names of two different people called Robert, and explain the connection.

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русиш идиотиш чувакиш долго смотрели на циклокроссера. Потом решили что это такой плохой Трыалыст.

Петруха, ахтунг: не показывай пассию чувакишам, а то подумают про тебя что ты такой плохой Морской Фрырайд.

Интегра как автомобиль для трудящихся

Интегра все таки абсолютно безбашенная машина для малолитражного супер-компакта. Сегодня задумался по дороге домой, с удивлением обнаружил сотню на спидометере - машина при этом рулилась как на сотне километров в час. С другой стороны, теперь я уже меньше удивляюсь жесткости колес - руль постоянно передает на руки все малейшие колебания на дороге, про заднюю подвеску я просто молчу. За свои деньги это просто праздник какой-то.

Единственное что меня до сих пор озадачивает, это размеры. Мне в ней удобно (почти), но я достаточно компактен (эвфемизм). Что будет если туда поместить человвека ростом побольше я слабо себе представляю.

А, ну и задние сидения там для камуфляжа наверное. Никакого другого применения оным я придумать не смог.

The Riddle - answers to level 2

So, no answers. Do people use web searches these days?

The solution (using Google only):

Using Google we can find the following link:

At the very bottom we see the following:

Bontrager Rants
Legendary technical articles, mirrored on BIKEmagic

So: the series is called Bontrager Rants, and BIKEmagic only mirrors that.

We use Google: "Bontrager Rants"

The very first link is "", pointing us to

When we go there, oops - an 404.

So this is most probably the original location.

Now for the dates, this is less trivial, and is left as an exercise for an intrigued reader.

Using Yahoo:

Same as the Google way, but no need to actually skim through the article - the url ( clearly indicates the name of the series.

BTW, the Yahoo approach makes the dates research quite easier.

So, the techniques:

1. Use at least two search engines: the indexed area of the web is not really covered by any single web search engine. It seems that outsources the backend searches to Yahoo, and that Google uses its own database.

2. Use the modifiers. For Google, the most useful modifiers are:

inurl:xxx - the url contains words xxx
intitle:xxx - the title contains words xxx
site:xxx - the site part of the url contains parts xxx

Negation is achieved by adding '-'

The Riddle - Answers to level 1, introduction to level 2.

Ok, the first riddle, which was "not trivial, but not difficult either" was successfully answered.

I got fewer answers than I anticipated, but nevertheless:

The article in question is called "Build a 'Single Speed' from the Reject Pile", and is not of huge interest to anyone but those interested in bicycles. An url to the article:

That particular article was indeed hard to find, because many links to the original document were erased. In fact, the article was obfuscated.

Having said that, it was much easier to find if one opted to use:

1. Combination of the words (using Google's extended syntax).
2. Additional knowledge about the subject - as one respondent explained ("I added [a search term] "bike" because I could guess the context from the riddle's author :)")
3. Google tends to hide some hits, because it "thinks" that it can tell the "most relevant" results of other. It does, however, provide an option to turn it's tremendous artificially flavoured intelligence: this is the "If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included." link.
4. Google is not the only search engine out there.

So far the champions of the web searching are 314truha and shapirac, tied with 3 points each.

Yet there are more interesting results. You see, Google has only one link to the original. It's closest competitor has one link also, but it is a different link. And here is the next riddle.

The article is part of series that KB published somewhere. Yet it is not there anymore. Your quest is to find out: Where the series were (location), how the series were called, and two definitions of "quality" by KB (a citation). A correct answer will give you 3 more points. Bonus point: what are the years of the publishing?

The Riddle

There's Google. There's Wikipedia. Heck, there's even Wikiquote.

Yet, do you know how to search for stuff on the Net?

Here is the short riddle:

"The best ... for you depends on where you live ... (and what you find in the pile - you can always make up some story about why it's best after you get them...)"

Keith Bontrager rocks. A physicist, who decided to pursuit his passion for cycling, he created a great company, which made great bikes. Eventually, his company was bought by a multimillion giant, yet the man still have the cunning of an average geek.

So, the riddle is: locate the article from which this quote is taken. Chances are, one will have to look hard in the pile

Once you have located a location of the article, post a comment with the url. You can also make up some story about why your method was the best.

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